Insulated Steel Doors

At Cunningham Door Creations our Insulated Double Sided Steel Sectional Overhead Garage Doors are double sided steel (front and back) with 100% polyurethane core (foam filled). Unlike the “old style” single sided non-insulted steel doors that offer very little security value and are “flimsy”, making a noise while in operation and in windy conditions.
  • Panels are all 40mm thick, 100% polyurethane (foam) filled with steel on all exposed sides ( double sided)
  • Manufactured from hot dipped galvanised steel with a baked on, fade resistant, high grade polyester coating for maximum durability, rust resistance and colour retention.
  • Energy saving polyurethane core delivers a superior R value.
  • The front face of the door is available in the various designs and colours, the back face is finished in a white woodgrain striped design.

Dark Oak 1 stripe

Charcoal 3 Stripe

White 3 stripe

Dark Oak 3 Stripe

Prestige Charcoal

Prestige Charcoal

Prestige Charcoal

Prestige Charcoal

Prestige Charcoal

Steel garage door – White 3 stripe
Insulated doors versus non-insulated doors:
Cunningham Door Creations - Custom Garage Door Specialists
Insulated doors are double sided and have 100% solid high quality polyurethane foam core. Insulated doors are much stronger and solid. They make very little noise and also offer a much higher security value.
Non insulated doors are also susceptible to “oil canning” which is an uneven wavy front surface that is not only unattractive but also looks defective. Our Insulated Double sided steel doors do not have these problems.

Our selections of styles

Rectangular block
3 Stripe
1 Stripe

Colour options

steel garage door white RAL9016 White* Smooth or Textured
Timber Golden Oak * Textured
steel garage door timber Timber Dark Oak* Textured
steel garage door anthracite (RAL7016) Charcoal* Smooth or Textured
All steel doors are available in single or double

  • Single size to fit garage door opening: Width 2440mm x Height 2130mm
  • Double size to fit garage door opening: Width 4880mm x Height 2130mm

* Colours may vary due to production